Friday, February 10, 2012

What is Scared Viruses and Spyware

As more and more of our online life ends, and that our realities are between the real and the virtual, everyone will be subjected to online data, personal information and steal money blurred. In fact, there is a very good chance that your credit card numbers and / or banking information was stolen, even if a hacker or the perpetrator never use. The information can come from a huge amount of 100s of thousands or millions have been stolen from others and you're just a little fish, so that you were safe, at least for now.

Well, then let the conversation we? Strong passwords are clever, but it is still not guaranteed, nor is the storage of your data in the cloud, after all, if you can so they can do. Of course this is just another challenge. Today many of us use WiFi hotspots, public Wi-Fi, WiFi, and open systems from time to time when we are in danger of piracy. When we visit certain websites, we can build malware, viruses and spyware.

Even companies that you trust to use the super-cookies to keep track of, especially for analytical data, or you sell something and the profile according to your wishes, and if you go on social networking sites, attention, because these systems are with super-cookie tricks. Much of the data from Facebook, Google, etc., are anonymous, and, mostly, but your surfing habits and ISP.

Even if you surf anonymously or visit to another ISP, as I said the Web sites and then questions about your research you. It's just amazing all the ways you can be infiltrated and abused. Well then, if you are willing to learn, why not learn? Why not protect your identity and your computer system against piracy. Once you know a few tricks that you can possible learn to be more careful. Yes, so in turn they will learn other ways to get you.

In fact, it is not as true in the Cold War. You get better security systems, they find other ways to take advantage of this system is a never-ending battle, and if you like it or not, you're in a war zone set, and in the new network, fight-centric warfare Internet. If you are not worried, you should be, and if you do nothing, you're a damn. No, this is not my intention to scare you, just so you know what happens. What do you do with that information is a personal decision, I hope you're smart enough to make the right choice. How 'consider all this, and think about it.

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