Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to make Computer high-speed

Computer science has become very important in our lives in this world of science and technology. This is not only beneficial for computer professionals, but also home users use it for different purposes. So people should know basics of computers, to use it effectively. Students formed, and the age group should quickly learn the same computer, because they can help in many ways.

It has become so common that even children know the basics of each of the computer. You know that the physical parts or the name of the computer peripherals. It is easy to learn the names of these parts if they do not know in advance. If individuals have a prior knowledge of computer basics, so they quickly learn the computer. Although he does not have much in common in old age, but older ones are now familiar with it because they see their son to work there very comfortably.

To quickly learn the individual machines must properly plan and division conference should be conducted carefully. There are some steps you can quickly learn the computer needs. He or she has to share the learning process in different phases. All phases are described in detail below:

First day in the first phase, we need to know the basics of the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, camera, microphone, hard drives, compact disks.

In the second day, the student must know the operating systems, icons, desktop, cut, copy, paste and other basic functions, to quickly learn the computer.

On the third day, we must try to learn to use specific software such as WinZip, Microsoft Paint, Notepad, DOS, word processing, etc. required

After the first three phases, we had an idea about computer databases, so that he or she must try, some things in advance, such as bold, italic, text formatting, learn to spell check, FrontPage and HTML pages.

In the fifth phase should be as spreadsheets, tables, constants, loops, compilers, languages, and theoretical knowledge to learn to program. Know after learning the basics of computers, what you should have printer, scanner and printer cartridges, etc. They know how to feed the paper and get a feel of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other computer programs.

In the last phase, we must know how to dial-up, as you surf the Internet, the ISP's and some of the concepts of LANs and WANs.

Knowledge of all things above can help you to learn quickly and the computer has a solid foundation of computer science. Once you have learned basic computer and then with the passage of time and computer use, you will learn a great deal of knowledge. You can adjust the speed of learning computer according to their speed, since it heavily on the ability of a person to learn. You can learn the basics of computer through many resources, including Internet, CD and DVD.

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