Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to boost Internet Download Speed

It is general observation about wasting of small files due to slow internet speed, particularly  if you are free from your work. When you were playing any interesting online game  and drop the stage as result of slow internet might be you angry on this situation or get irritate while you were talking from your friend at Skype.

By pursuing some easy techniques and tips any one could be improve internet speed achieved the maximum limit allow by your ISP. We could not get more speed than an ISP reserved for user.If any software and tools claim about boosting the speed of downloading all of them absolutely scam

If you make some steps you can get faster speed as you want:

Close any software that utilize bandwidth like skype, msn,utorrunt etc. and verify any software using internet for  updating.

Check out your computer with the help of any proper antivirus and get confirm that your computer is not infected from if any spyware or malware.

If no progress in your download speed that means there is some trouble DSL service provide by your isp. If problem is exist then follow some steps for increasing speed:

You can get fast internet surfing by using external dns server tools instead of your slow  isp server for example: Simple DNS Server or Open DNS:

After attempting all these practice your internet speed will improve and went up to the high limit and if you are at rest not convince by your download speed, then adjust your service provider or raise your internet speed.

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