Monday, November 21, 2016

How to discover laptop overheating problem and fix it

Laptops are becoming thinner as the time is gone, lighter and performance is become best in now days. There for, laptops can be place into smaller and smaller casing; as a result, the problem of overheating is increase, the constant hardware malfunction or damage can be cause if your laptop overheats.

The Main Reason of Laptop Overheating

The lackness of cooling is the main reason for Laptop overheating. If your laptop covered up from dirt, which blocked ventilation, also the heat sink and CPU blocked due to thermal grease gather between them is causing this problem.

Stop Your Laptop Overheating Step by Step

Use External cooler

An External cooler is good choice for you. You can put your laptop on it; it will circulate cool air which is necessary for it. It is essential for you to know about the value of airflow in your laptop. This is the most valuable/helpful way to keep your laptop cool while you use it. You can connect it to your laptop through USB.

Get your laptop on strong and plane surface

Many laptops having small air path underneath the device. an irregular surface like pillow is make disturbance to the  proper airflow. hard surface is best for keeping laptop because of good circulation of air.

Internal cleaning

clean out any soil or dirt from your laptops by removing it casing which is the big reason for blockage in airflow. Mostly user manuals provided from many laptops manufacturers that give information your laptop inner system. If you clean it yourself and  had opened your laptop, you must clean the fans which has most important  part to keep graphics card and CPU cool.

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