Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to make a portable antivirus toolkit?

When it comes to online and computer security. Some peoples can never be careful. many users have had an unfortunate encounter with corrupt anti-virus files and Trojans wrecking havoc with the system files. At times like these, a potable flash drive equipped with the latest anti-malware and virus eradicating software can be extremely handy. SSDownloader, which is short  for security software downloader, is an open-source, portable, security-oriented download  manager. This program help computer users to download security tools for users  comfortably from the program interface. It is especially helpful to use on new systems and on systems that require a modify in protection software. it is also useful for PCs that are infected by malware which a PC installed antivirus software cannot remove. SSDownloader is available as a free download from source and is small enough to easily carry around a USB.

How does it work? Once installed and launched on a computer. It presents five menus to choose  program which you think best protect your operating system. These are Free Antivirus , Security Suites, Malware Removal, Firewalls and other  Tools. All you have to do simply is to check the boxes next to the programs you want to get and the locations for the download. The beauty of this utility is the ability of auto detect your operating systems. Whether your Operating  System is 32 bit or  64 bit. This urility has also ability to use enough power to save your plenty of time and hassles.

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