Saturday, December 31, 2011

An overview of Android 4

android 4
Google introduced popular OS Android having new version is 4.Which code name Ice Cream Sandwich given by company. Especially developed for using in tablets PC and for cell phones by simultaneously by Google. About Android 4 Google said that it is better then earlier versions and having extra new features to enjoy user  tablet or cell phones rich experience.

This OS having cool features with better experience and redefine animations. In new version of Android Google try to improve its interface. In this OS Google try to make its flowing navigation much easier and easy to use its function. The ideology of this Android version is same as previous two,  but the numbers of ways are different in it. This is designed to easier with buttons, This will offer you to use three keys easily Multitasking, Home, black. User may found much of widgets that are re-sizable and home screen easily be customized also Multitasking is more easy.

Your feature that you know as tray also available which look be cool and favorite and seen easily on over the screen, A nice feature of this OS is flip through that is the good featured of Android 4 tablet at any movement if user used to flip many screen each over its look so cool. Also latest and better network connectivity and good performance Wi-Fi system include in this tablet PC.This feature show what data used by which application. User might be found by the help of this feature that what is the usage of their network each month so  they could be found what is the most data used by which application and can be check on it.

This latest version have a better security with all of strength .Android 4 is the big jump then previous versions. it is decided nothing to be exposed yet when this is going to be introduced in market. so it can be more powerful Competition with other operating systems.

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